KYOCERA display


Outdoor Use TFT Displays

KYOCERA Display solves the problems inherent in delivering highly readable and reliable displays for outdoor use with its line of TFT displays optimized with high brightness (greater than 600 nits luminance), anti-reflective surfaces, extended temperature ranges, and outstanding readability at ultra-wide viewing angles.

High Luminance

High Luminace Outdoor Use TFT Displays

Greater than 600 nits luminance, KYOCERA Display TFT displays provide legibility and image clarity in high ambient light environments, with display readability at angles up to 170 degrees.

High Luminance Displays

Anti-Reflective (AR)

Anti-reflective Outdoor Use TFT Displays

AR reduces surface reflectivity to approximately 0.3% with no decrease in luminance or contrast and no increase in power. KYOCERA Display' AR coating is factory made and factory warranted.

Anti-reflective Displays


Transflective Outdoor Use TFT Displays

KYOCERA Display' Transflective displays offer both Reflective and Transmissive modes resulting in high light reflectance, for a "bright display", even in direct sunlight.

Transflective Displays

Additional KYOCERA Display Technologies and Features for Outdoor Use Displays

  • Reverse Scan - KYOCERA Display' Reverse Scan further complements Outdoor use applications by allowing the display's scan to be set for best image quality when a mounted display is intended to be viewed from above or below.
  • Backlights - Redundant backlights designs provides the display to function with only one tube allowing for emergency down time (important feature for touch screen applications). Backlights are field replaceable

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